How long does it take to burn off your favourite foods?

Before you dive head first into to the vending machine, fast food or takeaway find out what you are eating and how you could be ruining your hard work in the gym,

This is the amount of time you’ll need to spend working off some popular picks.

  • Quarter of large pizza, 449 calories: 1 hr 23 min walking / 43 min running
  • Medium mocha coffee, 290 calories: 53 min walking / 28 min running
  • Blueberry muffin, 265 calories: 48 min walking / 25 min running
  • Chocolate bar, 229 calories: 42 min walking / 22 min running
  • Packet chips, 171 calories: 31 min walking / 16 min running
  • Soft drink, 138 calories: 26 min walking / 13 min running

A few small slip ups in your nutrition and you could be ruining your results.

Everything is okay in moderation but make sure you have balance!


Kellie xxxxx

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