How to save money and stress less


One of the #1 causes of stress, is financial stress. It can eat you up inside. Stress can affect your weight loss goals, sleep and your fitness journey all together.
Here are my tips to financially stress less:
1. Try to avoid debt
2. Have a budget and stick to it – New clothes and shoes might look nice and shiny but make sure you are putting money aside for bills, savings and goals you might have (holiday, house etc)
3. Use your credit card wisely, or better yet if you can, don’t have one.
4. Spend less on bills- turn your lights off when you don’t need them
5. Shop around for your groceries – local markets are usually cheaper!
6. Make your lunches at home! Healthier and cheaper!
7. Shop around at the banks to see what the interest rates are at the time and invest your savings in long term deposits to help you not only, not spend it but also will be gaining interest and from you doing absolutely nothing!
8. Start a piggy bank with your savings goals written on it
9. Be visual- have a board of photos pictures of holidays you want to go on, houses or cars you want to buy
10. Write down your weekly spending, write down your overall monthly spending and then what is left put towards your savings and play money! P.S you’ll also feel a lot more like you earnt it!

Always strive to have balance with saving. Make sure you are being strict on yourself but also not so neglecting the things you love in your life.
Good luck babes!

Love kellie xxx

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