My best friend and I went to the barre

Believe it or not I attended my first barre class on the weekend. My best friend (Courtney) and I attended a Sunday morning class at Extend Barre- Queenstown in Adelaide. I was so pleasantly surprised with the beautiful studio and welcoming trainer.
I was so excited to get straight into it.
To be honestly with you I was unsure on what to expect. I am usually a bit of a HIIT bunny with WAY to much energy. I thought that barre might be a bit too slow for me.
Once again I was pleasantly surprised! I had the best time and it was so nice to change it up from my usual routine.
Benefits of Barre:
1. It builds lean muscle – More lean muscle = more calories burnt at resting heart rate! (ei. Resting or sitting) WIN!
2. It targets your whole body! – Core muscles where definitely used lets just say that much!
3. Improves flexibility- When you weight train it is so important you stretch or your flexibility will decrease and you’ll end up with a lower range of movement.
4. It is not hard on your joints- Small controlled movements are used to be hard on your muscles but not on your joints
All in all, I had a really good time and it was just what I needed. I’ll definitely be including barre into my fitness routine more often.
If you are looking to change it up or have thought about giving barre a go, I definitely recommend it.
Xtend barre gets a big tick of approval from me!

Love Kellie xxxx

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