My top 5 gold coast cafes

As you can probably tell from my Instagram that I definitely ate at probably almost every healthy/vegan/vegetarian/smoothie bowl/raw food café that the gold coast has to offer. In the 10 days I was there I fell in love with so many cafes and resturants I thought I would round up my top 5 for you guys if you are ever in the GC.

#1 Blendlove
Shop 1/253 ferry road, southport
This place was so good I went back twice ? The coffee was unbelievable, I had never tasted anything that good before in my life. There was so many cute raw cakes, smoothie bowls, salads etc and nothing I ate was anything short of amazing. Coming in at #1 blendlove was definitely my favourite.


#2 Cardamom pod
3/3 Brolga ave, brickworks, southport
This place had such an amazing vibe to it. It had a wide variety of vegetarian options and it did not disappoint. Best smoothie bowl I have ever had (and that’s huge coming from me haha)


#3 Burleigh social
2 hibiscus haven, Burleigh
If I did not find this place on Instagram I would have never found it. It is a hidden away, funky little place. The smoothie bowls were great and it had a cool vibe about it.


#4 Local & co
Shop 6, 20-22 tedder ave, main beach
Such a great breakfast spot. What I ate was to die for. 100% recommend it.


#5 Green Grotto
SO many options. Pretty much find every smoothie bowl under the sun at this place and the service was amazing.


If you are holidaying in the GC be sure to check out these places! 100% recommend them!
Kellie xxx

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