OMG I gave up coffee

Its okay guys, Im still alive 🙂 BUT you did hear right, I gave up coffee for 30 days. I did this because I felt like I was becoming quite dependant on always waking up to a morning coffee, which is not good and I thought it would be a good detox.
And well I love a challenge! Haha
Here is what happened to me:
1. I slept 100 times better! I could NOT believe how much better my sleep was!
2. I woke up feel more refreshed with more energy, and smashed though my morning workouts!
3. I felt more on top of everything in my life, I was less stressed/anxious and could think clearer.
4. My productivity increased.
All in all, reducing my caffeine intake was a great detox, I felt a lot better. BUT lets be real, I will not be giving up coffee forever (Balance life! Woohoo!). This experience has definitely reminded me that I need to limit myself with my coffee intake because I feel a lot better without it.
If you are having trouble with sleeping, energy or stress, I 100% recommend giving up coffee/caffeine. Remember it doesn’t have to be forever (haha) but 1-2 weeks or even 30 days like me, might help!
Set yourself a challenge! and go out there and smash it!

Love Kellie xxx

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